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December 13, 2019

Starting in February 2020!

Super-flexible yoga teacher training/further studies program on the Gold Coast!

The module-based program gives you the flexibility to attend any number of stand-alone modules in your interest area, meaning you're not locked into a program and teacher that may not fit with your expectations and goals.

This is a flexible, module-based program with a strong supportive, mentoring focus. It is open to both qualified yoga teachers AND unqualified yoga students or practitioners who can:

a) choose any module as a stand-alone training, or

b) complete all modules to gain 150 hours of Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.​

Current yoga teachers may choose to upgrade their teaching level with the full 150hrs of training, or complete individual modules to meet CPD requirements. You will be supported and encouraged to question, experience, and deepen your knowledge, and to practice and/or teach from a place of authenticity and experiential understanding.

This program is...

December 12, 2019

Just because the Yogasūtra of Patañjali is an ancient text doesn’t mean it’s merely an interesting historical backdrop to yoga. With proper guidance, it is a relevant and comprehensive practice pathway - more psychology than philosophy - offering deep insights for positive self-transformation.

When we begin practising yoga, the first thing we need, according to Patañjali, is tapas.  Why? Because when we start to make positive changes, we naturally experience some discomfort as our past habits (saṁskāras) resist change. Our effort to overcome that discomfort is tapas, the first word in the first sūtra of the second chapter. But why start at Chapter II?

Patanjali’s Yogasūtra is a treatise on sāṁkhya-yoga philosophy, presented in 195 concise sūtras contained in four chapters. The Sāṁkhya Kārikā tells us ‘what’ and ‘why’, and the Yogasūtra tells us ‘how’. Although the yogasūtras are concise to enable memorisation and oral transmission, they are fully explained in the main commentary of Vyāsa...

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April 6, 2020

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