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April 6, 2020

The original intention of yoga was not centred around a yoga mat! The goal is to be permanently free of suffering. Whether we see that as achievable or not, the good news is that any step we take towards this goal will improve our experience of life. However, we must be sure our steps are based in correct knowledge and understanding, together with reflection and feedback.

The frameworks of Patañjali’s Yogasūtra are predominantly concerned with the mind: how it works; its different levels and modes; and, its role in the journey towards this peaceful freedom. In life, we may be able to escape or avoid an external situation, but we can’t escape the effects of our own thinking. So, we must carefully tend the garden of our own thoughts.

Learning a few key sūtra-s is a great way to help us progress, as they can be a tool for reflection as well as for practice. One important sūtra concerned with emotional well-being through positive psychology practices is sūtra 33 of Samādhi pādaḥ (the ch...

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Tending our thoughts

April 6, 2020

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