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Learn to recite the Yogasūtras

Starting 1st August 2017 | An introductory course in recitation of the Yogasūtras of Patañjali. This seven-week course is for Yoga students and teachers wishing to learn how to recite the Yogasūtras, and to develop a deep appreciation for their significance.

Study in a traditional and authentic way; learn peace chants to open and conclude the class; fundamentals of the Sanskrit alphabet; importance of correct pronunciation; group recitation of the Yogasūtras; using sound as a tool for meditation, and the role of sound in bringing about the state of sattva.

This course allows registered teachers to accrue CPD points.

7 week course: Tuesday 1st August – Tues 12th Sept 2017 from 11:15am - 12pm

Total cost: $99. Held in Mudgeeraba.

I look forward to sharing my passion for this discipline with you.

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