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Yogasūtras study group

Are you a yoga teacher, teacher trainee or dedicated practitioner of yoga? Then at some stage you'll want to study Patañjali's Yogasūtra from an authentic base. Considered by Sri. T. Krishnamacharya as the most important text on Yoga, the Yogasūtra should be studied with the key Sanskrit commentaries. The last short course study group I am teaching in 2017, this course starts Tuesday 3rd October and runs for one hour each Tuesday throughout October. Further courses will be offered from February 2018. You will learn: * The depths of meaning in the sūtras by reference to the commentaries of Vyāsa and Swami Hariharananda * How this ancient text is relevant to us in the modern world * How to apply this knowledge in yoga practice and in our daily lives * Sanskrit pronunciation * How to recite the sūtras * Traditional opening and closing peace chants You'll find this course engaging, relevant and accessible. Five one-hour classes | Tuesdays @ 11am Starts 3rd Oct 2017 | Finishes 31st Oct 2017 $75 total course cost

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