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General yoga classes

Classes focus on mindful movement aligned with conscious breathing to develop strength, steadiness and comfortable range of movement; addresses both the gross and subtle aspects of being. Concludes with a 15 minute guided relaxation.

75 minutes

Single class $17

5-class pass $75

10-class pass $140

Yoga by the Sea


Well-being session

Tailored to your specific goals, may include mind & body practices; diet & lifestyle suggestions; from the wisdom teachings of yoga & ayurveda.

Initial session (90 mins): $90

Follow-up session:

choose 45 mins - $50

or 30 mins - $35

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Sanskrit recitation of the Yogasūtra of Patañjali; study of the key commentaries; practical application in yoga & daily life; discussion and Q&A.

75 minutes

Usually run as a five-class course @ $90, plus purchase of resource & chanting book $25

Enquire about individual sessions

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