Yoga studies & practice program - teacher training

Started in 2020 - the most flexible yoga teacher training course you'll find on the Gold Coast! Grounded in authentic yoga knowledge and practice - delivered over the course of a year in monthly weekend modules along with additional mentoring and support. Modules may be taken individually to deepen your knowledge in a particular area and/or satisfy CPD requirements, or complete all modules to gain 150 hours of training which may enable you  either to join Yoga Australia as a registered teacher (if you have a prior 200YTT certification), or upgrade your teaching level, depending on prior experience.

$200 per module

Yoga classes

Svastha yoga classes are breath-based and focus on mindful movement, while also developing strength, steadiness and flexibility. Group classes include: āsana (postures); prānāyāma (breathing techniques); meditation and relaxation.

Duration: 75 minutes, suitable for adults

Casual $15 | 5-pass $65 | 10-pass $120

from $12 - $15

Individual assessment

These sessions are for students already attending group classes with Paula.

The purpose is to:

  • learn how to adapt or adjust within a group class due to injury or specific needs

  • gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to practise at home

  • align the practice with your unique needs, interests and goals

  • ask any questions that may have arisen

  • includes up to two sessions per year

FREE to current students with any class-pass purchase​


Well-being sessions are individually designed based on your specific goals, needs and challenges. A personalised approach includes a range of mind and body practices, from movement and breathing, to relaxation and meditation. Diet and lifestyle may also be covered, guided by Yoga and Ayurveda. The aim is to provide you with knowledge, tools and practices for daily life to bring about an optimal state of health and well-being.

Initial session 60-75 minutes | $60

Follow-up session 30 minutes | $30

$60 60-75mins

Mantras & Chanting

Understand the difference between mantra, chanting and kirtan.


Chanting mantras aloud with focus brings about a change in our mental state - it helps to lessen our internal chatter, thereby quietening the mind. Once the mind is more settled, mantra can be practised silently to further refine mental focus.

Classes include a selection of mantras and may also include Sanskrit recitation such as the Yogasūtras of Patañjali. A short movement practice may be included to bring movement and sound together.

This is a practice session, no note-taking is necessary. Open to yoga teachers and experienced practitioners as well as beginners.

$15 session

Recite the Yogasūtras of Patañjali

Introductory course in recitation open to yoga teachers and anyone interested in:

·         Sanskrit pronunciation and traditional method of memorising the sūtras

·         Sanskrit recitation as a sādhana (practice)

·         Studying authentic yoga knowledge

You will learn traditional peace chants; fundamentals of the Sanskrit alphabet; the importance of mindful pronunciation; group recitation of the Yogasūtras; the role of sound in bringing about sattva. CPD points for registered teachers.

6 weeks x 45 minute class | Total cost $90

$90 for six

Yogasūtra study group

Considered by Sri. T. Krishnamacharya as the most important text on Yoga, the Yogasūtra should be studied with the key Sanskrit commentaries. You'll find this course engaging, relevant, accessible and, importantly, grounded in the authentic yoga traditions thanks to the teachings of A.G. Mohan and Indra Mohan. CPD points for registered yoga teachers.

You will learn:
* The depths of meaning in the sūtras by reference to the key commentaries
* How this ancient text is both relevant and practical for us in modern life
* How to apply this knowledge in yoga and in daily life
* Sanskrit pronunciation
* Traditional recitation methods
* Other peace chants

1 hour sessions run by the term, usually 6 weeks

Per term price

Workshops & Special Events

Workshops on a variety of topics are offered throughout the year. These are ideal for students and teachers alike to deepen their knowledge on various subjects, from therapeutic movement, to chanting, meditation, yoga philosophy and ayurveda. Usually followed by morning tea or a delicious, vegetarian lunch. CPD points for registered yoga teachers.


from $25

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