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End of 2021 news!

Well, it's hard to believe that we're now reaching the end of our second year living in a changed environment due to the pandemic.

At its heart, Yoga teaches us how to navigate the changing world around us, as well as how to deal with our changing thoughts. Here we can take thoughts to mean our emotions too, and we have certainly experienced some mental and emotional challenges, as well as changes to our physical environments.

We have been very fortunate here at Svastha Yoga Gold Coast to be able to continue face-to-face classes throughout most of the last two years. A regular practice of steadying our bodies, breath, thoughts and emotions through Yoga helps us to steady the ship (ourselves) in rough seas (challenging situations), and in being part of a class group we can benefit from the support and community of others who are aiming to steady their ships as well!

This year I added a Mindfulness, Meditation & Relaxation class to the timetable specifically for some students who were dealing with surgeries and other injuries which had temporarily prevented them from attending class. When faced with additional challenges, it is even more important to do practices that help us build resilience, connect with our inner strength and cultivate a peaceful mind.

The last class for 2021 will be the 6pm class on Wednesday 15th December. I'd like to invite students from all classes across the timetable to come along that morning for a cuppa and get-together at 10:30am (after the 9am class). Bring a small edible goodie to share if you wish.

As for 2022, classes will resume on Monday 10th January 2022 and I will be in touch with you all just prior to take your class bookings. I thank you all so much for choosing me as your teacher, and for all that you contribute and share when you bring your beautiful selves along to class!

Over the break, feel free to browse some of my articles on here on the Blog - I have a couple of new ones ready to add very soon.

Have a wonderful festive season, and all my love and best wishes for the New Year!

oṁ shantiḥ shantiḥ shantiḥ



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